7000 Unique ExoStructures, NFTs Collection.

Unleash their power.

ExoStructures is a collection of 7000 NFTs artwork, in progress with continous releases.
It is created through manual, hand picked and procedural workflows.

Each ExoStructure has a range of rarity, by shape, light, colors, dimensions.

Iterations to ensure original NFTs artworks.

“By PulsarForge”



(Without order)

(0) Infrastructure & NFTs

Website descentralized & NFTs with true ownership and dynamic content.

We want to create our smart contracts &  researching techs for that.

(1) First 100 NFTs available at OpenSea.

Release the first batch at Opensea.  Continuous releases.

(2) Discord Community.

Be early at our community.

(4) Blog.

To highlight the community and share our thoughts.


(Without order)

(0) Streetwear Cloth.

By special request, contact through email.

(1) Go Full Time:

Once the stage is up and running go full time.

(2) ExoStructures collabs.

Collabs with artists with procedural/node workflows an events for 3d Materials.

(3) Future

Only time will tell us the story.



Adaptative combat ExoPlanet,.

Dev at day and art at afternoon.


Exploring the wild jungle.

Contact through Twitter.

Social Media Capsules for Space Travel

Extra Honey Sun Light

Extra Honey Sun Light

Ignite Stone Eye Incoming to Solana.

Looking at your heart.

Eye Mind Kraken.

Watching You.